Our Mandate

Amalgamated Australian Investment Group (aaig) is a private equity firm established in 2009 to bring together the fragmented nature of the financial services industry. Our goal has been to build on integrated and diversified financial services business that generates a return for investors and shareholders through strategic acquisitions, organic growth and in-house development of proprietary products and technologies.

Our focus is on the growth and development of our diversified portfolio of established companies under our management to increase their market share and long-term value.


AAIG - Our Mandate
AAIG - Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach is designed for flexibility to allow the business to evolve. This business model allows us to focus on three core priorities: choice of timing, resilience through the business cycle, and agility in seizing opportunities as they arise. We have been careful to only target investments in areas where we possess existing expertise which we can then apply to the restructure, enhancement and integration of these businesses – positioning aaig to capture valuable opportunities over time. 

Our Philosophy

Our versatile and integrated approach leverages the synergies between our businesses to create value. Over the last decade, we have experienced sustained growth and developed a solid end-to-end negotiation, acquisition, integration and divestment framework.

We invest in quality companies that are poised for significant growth and can benefit from the specialised skills and networks that we possess. We are disciplined and opportunistic investors focused on identifying complementary high potential businesses that can be acquired at an attractive price.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is not limited to acquiring and improving businesses. We have also invested heavily in developing proprietary investment platforms and generating new intellectual property. We are intimately involved with the operations of our businesses and seek to leverage all of the resources of our portfolio of assets to create a multi-directional flow of innovation, revenue generation and value creation.

We constantly scan the market for partnering opportunities with like-minded management teams and entrepreneurs with successful track records. We believe that the combination of our market knowledge, investment experience, and operational expertise in finance and technology provides aaig with an advantage in identifying and generating value creation opportunities. 

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