ASR Wealth Advisers

Matthew Maher
General Manager / Head Of Equities
Matthew has a wealth of financial markets experience working across global listed and OTC derivative markets. Having worked at a number of top FTSE100 companies in senior portfolio management and client relationship positions, he draws upon this experience to deliver a first class trading solution to clients of ASRW Matthew holds all relevant qualifications to give general advice in Derivatives, Equities and Managed Investments.
Vick Brar
Head Of Desk
Vick is one of our highly experienced Senior Advisors who manages a book of high-net-worth clients across Australia. Prior to ASRW, Vic has held portfolio management and financial positions in top FTSE 100 corporations. Vick holds all relevant qualifications to give general advice in Derivatives, Equities and Managed Investments. He specialises in strategies to drive growth and yield outperformance over medium to long-term equities.
Daniel Smith
Head Of Operation Of Macrovue
Equipped and in-tune with the environment of the financial markets, Daniel draws upon his experience in derivatives to deliver exceptional client service and on-boarding at ASR Wealth Advisers. Daniel brings his working knowledge of industry practices together with an interest for technology to improve efficiency and business processes. Daniel holds RG146 certifications in Securities, Derivatives and Managed Investments.
Justin Ishac

Justin Ishac, is an international and domestic equity advisor, with years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to working at ASR Wealth, Justin has a wealth of experience in the banking and debt markets, as a mortgage and finance broker.

He believes that understanding how the debt markets work, as it relates to interest rate fluctuations, plays a key role in making decisions on capital and asset allocation in the world of equities. Justin believes that asset allocation and diversification is key to a well-balanced equities portfolio. Using, sound fundamental and technical analysis along with understanding the effects of monetary and fiscal policy and how they affect the financial markets. Micro/macroeconomic and geopolitical information, all play a pivotal role in the success of your portfolio.

Justin has completed a Graduate Certificate in Business, Diploma of finance and mortgage management, Diploma of financial planning and an advanced diploma of financial planning, securities, margin lending and derivatives.

Speak to Justin about the world of finance and you’ll find yourself in a well-diversified and profitable, equity portfolio

Khaled El-Katateny

After graduating with a Commerce (finance) and Law degree, Khaled El-Katateny gravitated towards his passion of helping people fulfill their investment dreams.

Since starting with ASR Wealth Khaled has maintained a record of excellence and professionalism. Khaled is proud of his ability to offer his clients much more than expected, by going above and beyond.

It is his prerogative to ensure his clients have access to timely equities advice. Khaled is extremely ambitious and since coming on board with ASR wealth he has been awarded a series of further qualifications.

Khaled also has taken on some analytical duties, with a keen interest for property and extensive experience in this area, Khaled el-katateny is also the author of the monthly property report. He also has an instrumental role is defining the property desk. Ensuring ASR wealth covers the full range of asset classes.

Logan Harrison Wong

As an advisor at ASRW Logan utilises the firms quadruple alpha process involving macro, fundamental, technical and broker target guidances to assist clients to outperform various benchmarks whilst simultaneously aligning appropriate risk exposures.

Logan has also worked on numerous Capital Raising events from Biotech to the Property Sector and participated in around $30m worth of transactions during the life of his Finance Career over the past 4 years.

His experiences range from Stockbroking, at small and boutique firms, giving out General Advice pertaining to ASX listed companies, to General Advice on Derivatives and Leveraged Financial Products (FX, CFDs, Options and Futures) of which he obtained qualifications for during his career at the internationally known Saxo Bank.

Logan is a true professional with a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance from Kaplan Professional and currently completing his Masters in Applied Finance at Macquarie University.

Edward Jones-Bateman
Senior Advisor

Edward manages a portfolio of high net-worth clients and using in-house research specialises in identifying investment opportunities in mid to large market cap stocks, focusing on the Australian and US equity markets. His investment approach takes into account macro and micro economic trends, overlayed with technical analysis to gauge sentiments and investment timing. Edward seeks to create a real bond of trust with his clients by offering the very best advice with regards to risk management, long term performance, capital appreciation and dividend growth. Further, he continuously monitors and communicates to his clients current market conditions, news and data on financial markets around the world with a focus to bring high-quality order execution to get the best possible prices. Edward holds all relevant qualifications for Equities, Derivatives, Margin Lending, Securities and Managed Investments.  

Christopher Gerace
Head of Back Office

Christopher Gerace joined the AAIG group in 2018 and has gained profound knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals and operations of the business.

As the Head of Back Office, Christopher is responsible for managing and critically analysing all back-office operations to improve them by consistently streamlining, automating, and centralising systems.

In addition to driving growth through improving processes, he has managed procedures for multiple capital raises in pre-IPO and IPO stages for various companies in sectors such as diversified financials, healthcare and information technology totalling over $55M worth of transactions.

He is passionate about developing innovative solutions and strategic problem solving to increase efficiencies allowing the back-office to operate smoothly.

Christopher holds relevant qualifications for Securities, Managed Investments, Margin Lending and Derivatives. He is currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance at Macquarie University.