Australian Stock Report

Michael Murphy
Sales & Operations Manager
Michael Murphy joined the Australian Stock Report team in 2007 & has over 15 years of sales experience. As the Sales & Operations Manager he has focused on developing high performance sales team, Michael believes that fostering a happy team culture is the key to business success.
Gareth Iggo
Senior Sales Executive
Gareth Iggo joined The Australian Stock Report in 2006 as a leading consultant in business development for both new and existing clients. With over 11 years of experience in the stock market he brings a very strong knowledge base to assist clients with their Investment strategies. Gareth also hold RG146 certifications.
Gregory Lazaridis
Sales and Operations Executive
Gregory is a Sales and Operations Executive at the Australian Stock Report. He draws on his in depth knowledge of webinar and website content management systems to deliver the best client experience possible. Greg’s previous role has seen him form a critical part of the sales and business operations team.
Abdul Hayek
Product Specialist
Abdul maintains good old fashioned values, mixed with a potent blend of youth and experience. Having been self-employed for most of his working life, Abdul understands the commitment that is quintessential to being a success in the Stock Market Industry. Abdul speaks fluent English and Arabic helping a majority of clients through their experience. Perhaps best of all, Abdul knows that with the support of the great team here at the Australian Stock Report, he is empowered to handle any new encounters and challenges that may arise. Abdul has been carving out a name for himself as a product specialist with a reputation for achieving exceptional results and service.