APSEC Funds Management

Nicolas Bryon
Co-Fund Manager
Nicolas is an experienced fund manager and has been involved in analysing companies and managing portfolios within financial markets for over 14 years. This experience has included managing multi-billion dollar portfolios with leading global financial institutions as well as numerous hedge funds investing in Australia and global markets. Nicolas has been a portfolio manager utilising numerous strategies including ‘long-only’ Australian equities and ‘long/short’ Asia.
George Paxton
Co-Fund Manager
George Paxton is a financial analyst with an extensive portfolio of financial services skills. Previous experience includes senior positions providing banks and hedge funds with actionable intelligence and analysis.Prior to this, he specialised in corporate finance advisory in London, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions and analysis within the North American and European markets. He has extensive experience in valuation techniques, global accounting standards and mergers and acquisitions.